Aylsham Osteopathic Practice and Complementary Clinic

The Aylsham Osteopaths were set up by Yvonne Ayliffe in 1996 and there are three osteopaths; Yvonne Ayliffe, Adrian Street and Jeanette Robson and one homeopath, Margaret Goodyear at the Acorns Clinic 189 Hungate Street. We are Registered Osteopaths being statutorily regulated by GOsC as health professionals within primary care. Osteopathy views the musculoskeletal system as a reference for looking at the health of the whole body and we are trained to take a history from the patient and evaluate the condition/s that are present and to diagnose and treat the structural and mechanical dysfunction of the body. Osteopaths believe that the physical imbalances of the self-healing, self regulating and self- correcting organism can impair the ability of the body to maintain itself in a state of health. This can affect the physical and emotional balance which affects the balanced function of the body as a whole. And stops it from achieving and maintaining optimum health. Osteopaths understand that the connective tissue of the body-bones,muscle,ligaments,blood vessels, fascia and the organs themselves can be affected by the physical disturbance and this can work in reverse. Involved with this dysfunction is an effect on the blood flow, lymphatic drainage and nerves. This can be altered and improved to bring back function into the tissues affected and the body can then repair itself, creating a homeostatic environment again. Osteopathy is concerned with a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders including back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and sport and work related problems which respond well to osteopathic treatment. In the practice we all practice cranial osteopathy ,which allows us to treat babies from a few days old for simple problems such as colic, reflux and being generally unsettled. All osteopaths were working at the Baby Cafe set up by the primary health care and we were supporting breastfeeding, checking all babies routinely and finding that we could improve the sleep pattern and spot any feeding difficulties and improve colic. We also specialise in post accident trauma and have a good understanding of how pain is modified and how to change the pattern of pain and re-establish normal patterns of function. If you are unsure if we can treat you ring us and we can evaluate the problem and suggest whether it would be helpful to have an assessment.


189 Hungate St Aylsham Norwich NR11 6JX

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